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Our mission

We make you succeed through software

You are a non-technical Startup founder or corporate project manager. You tried to bring a digital product to life. You either attempted to hire developers yourself or paid a low-budget agency to do the work. Still, you soon got shocked: slow execution, lousy communication, meager quality/price ratio.

Merlino Software Agency was born to address these pain points. We fill in the blank by listening to your needs and requirements, providing our perspective and advice, and developing your product with leading-edge technologies, all of this while being clear on timelines, costs, and quality. You'll only worry about growing your business and letting the world know about your idea.

Core competencies


Joining from cool startups and big corporates, our team members are top-notch experts in various industries, ranging from Web & Mobile to Desktop Development, from Product Design to DevOps & Infrastructures. We are decentralized in multiple parts of the world, which allows us to span most time zones at any point in time.

Mobile app development

Mobile app development

Want to build a social network, an e-commerce store, or something more complex? We develop your app for multiple platforms.
Web app development

Web app development

Internal tools, CMS, CRM, Corporate platforms, SaaS, you name it. From design to testing and development.
Infrastructure & security

Infrastructure & security

We take care of the whole thing from infrastructure planning and design to DevOps and security best practices and compliance. Our favorite tool? Terraform.
Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

If you want to build a B2C product and are not thinking about SEO, you make a mistake. We'll set you up on a technical level and then link you up with partner SEO experts for continuous monitoring and optimizations.
Desktop app development

Desktop app development

We will develop Windows or Mac applications for your next desktop-based SaaS project or internal tool for your company.
Product design & analytics

Product design & analytics

User Experience (UX), User Interfaces (UI), Wireframing, Product Analytics, Users flows and funnels, and Information Architecture.
Import, export & sync

Import, export & sync

If you have data to import from legacy databases or excel sheets, we can help with that: whether it is about writing custom import, scraping scripts, or integrating with third-party APIs.
Minimum Viable Product

Minimum Viable Product

Don't waste money developing a fully-featured product without first validating your assumptions. Get us to realize an MVP to test product-market fit, prioritizing time-to-market and essential features.
SmartBite Logo

In two years’ time, we grew 10 times, and I would partly attribute this growth to the technology developed by Merlino Software. [...] Merlino Software will execute everything very quickly and efficiently.

Gabriele Fadda – Group CEO, SmartBite
Gabriele Fadda
Group CEO, SmartBite
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Merlino uses the latest technologies in the market, and they’re able to deliver whatever their customer needs. [...] They answers every day — even on the weekends.

Stefano Capone – CEO, OneFood
Stefano Capone
CEO, OneFood

How we work

We are a team of young individuals from tech startups and big consulting firms. Our passion is to write and ship high-quality code, and we also happen to be obsessed with exemplary user interfaces. For lunch, we eat zeros and ones. And you?



This phase focuses on retrieving information from the stakeholders and ultimately agreeing on the goal and vision while identifying possible challenges and constraints of the project.

Introductions • Establishing the team • Confirming our fit

Signed contract

Design and prototype

Whether a consumer app or a B2B platform, it is essential to have an efficient and well-functioning user experience and interfaces.

User flow diagrams • Mockups



We organize our work in weekly cycles and pick the proper framework to fit your solution. We frequently update you on the status of the development. Anything that may arise along the way is sorted out immediately.

Development environment • Backlog • Weekly sprints



Projects get deployed to the cloud or on-premise following DevOps best practices. Your infrastructure will be secure, solid, and quickly scalable.

Infrastructure design • Data migration • Security review • Logs & monitoring


Quality assurance

Once everything gets deployed, our testers will stress test, gather feedback, and let our developers iterate on those. Testing makes perfect!

Performance monitoring • Usability testing • Release 🚀

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Scaling and support

We don't only deliver to you the project, finished and polished. We also hand on all the source code, well written and well documented. You're current, or future CTO will love us. Want us to be him? Let's talk!

Support tiers • Analytics • Error monitoring • Minor improvements

OneFood Project Presentation

Our latest project

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OneFood selects and curates the best food producers and artisans nationwide and gives you the opportunity to discover, buy and experience unique food anywhere, anytime.

React NativeFor cross-platform mobile distribution

Next.jsFor blazing fast web experience

AWS InfrastructureWith security and scale in mind