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Our core values are quality and precision, harmony and well-being.

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You will be able to work across different industries and gain experience with the most cutting-edge technologies.

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In Merlino we care about delivering and having fun along the way. Life is one, and we won't waste any minute.

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Focus on delivering quality work on or before the deadline instead of job hunting or freelancing.

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If you happen to be a problem-solver and have a little bit of that 'vision thing', please apply now.

JetBrains Space


How we work

At Merlino we are obsessed with speed, efficiency, and quality. We found out that all these things can happen if we get rid of all the noise that distracts us from doing the work that matter. That's why we use JetBrains Spaces, a union of Slack, GitHub, Jira, Google Meet and Drive, and much more, all put together. It's just amazing.